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Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary


Borsari's all natural seasoned salts are madefrom a mix of salt and herbs in small batches after an age-old Bolognese recipe. Only fresh, whole herbs, and gourmet ground salts are used to create Borsari's intriguing blend of freshness, taste and aroma.

The innovative packaging allows Borasari spices to be stacked one on top of the other with a tight grip so they won't take up so much room on your shelves.

Borsari offers convenient 1oz meat rub packets. Produced in small batches, this all natural mixture of fresh herbs and sea salt is a distinctive blend that adds incredible flavor to chicken, steak, fish, and pork.

A truly unique mix that's not thick and syrupy, but is refreshingly light and zesty, and blended with a perfect combination of ingredients.

Looking for a gift idea? Borsari is offering a gift package with two bottles of Bloody Mary mix with one 4 oz. original Shaker

Fresh, light and juicy, it is mildly spiced with whole mustard seed,clove, and crystallized ginger.Chunks of ripefruit and plumped raisins givethischutney textural appeal.

This first pressed oil is produced in the traditional method. The olive pressing process is gentle to ensure smoothness of texture and depth and purity of taste. Borsari olive oil is cold pressed,extra virgin, free of additives or preservatives and free of allergens.

Includes 1 each of our seasoned salts, recipecard and sample packets. Gift tag included.

Includes 1 each of our seasoned salts, 1 chutney, 1 bloody mary, olive oil, mini bloody mary (4 oz.), holiday treats, holiday napkins, and recipe cards. Gift tag included.

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This is our premium basket for those who have asked for the biggest. This basket will include 1 each of our seasoned salts, 1 chutney, 1 bloody mary, olive oil, holiday napkins, recipe cards, cured salami, holiday chocolates and assorted Italian delights, plus... Gift tag included. Customized to your order!